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SA Dasher and Dancer: It's all about the blue!

Introducing a pair of sibling colorways based on the Data General Dasher family of terminals. The first I call SA Dasher and features deep blue alphas (BO), light blue modifiers (BBJ), and white legend text (WFK) on both. The sibling colorway is merely the inverse of that, and I call it SA Dancer. This set features a 1-1-2-3-4-3 row profile, ABS keycaps with double-shot legends.
When I stumbled into the world of mechanical keyboards last year, I realized two things: first, that I loved custom keycap sets, and SA keycap sets in particular, and second, that there was a distinct lack of SA keycap sets that featured rich blue alphas. When I saw a photograph of a Data General Dasher terminal, I instantly fell in love with its hypnotic blue colorway and wondered why nobody had yet put together a keyset based on it.
That was last Fall, and as it happened, a Deskthority member named facetsesame had been working on a Dasher project. However, his project was not simply a keycap colorway exercise like mine was, it was aiming to be a full-blown replica of the Dasher terminal family; PCBs, plates, custom-matched colors, the works. Sadly, that project never really got off the ground, and so I decided to push forward with mine in its honor.
When I started, I wanted to keep it simple. Really simple. No novelty legends and just enough kits to satisfy full-size, TKL, and 60% board users. But as 2016 progressed, it became clear that the expectations for a keycap set run through MassDrop had grown considerably. Reaching Planck, ErgoDox, and WhiteFox users is now the new normal. And more and more, the Nordic community is making itself heard. Before I knew it, my job became considerably more challenging.
But I think the extra effort was worth it. My goal is to put a beautiful dual-blue colorway on as many keyboards out there as possible. To anyone whose favorite alternate layout has been left out, I apologize. Maybe we can accommodate you in round two!

Check out some more pictures over at the drop page:
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