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AudioQuest NightOwl Initial Impressions: Life-Changing Good.

A little while back fellow audiophile @jaydunndidit mentioned the NightOwl in the context of discussing the merits of the Meze 99 C and the comparing to the Focal Elex. I had heard of the NightOwls before but never really cared enough to dig more info about it. After a few weeks reading reviews around the net a moment of truth came up when I was considering to bite the bullet on the Fostex TR Ebony drop. To make a long story longer I decided to get the AQ Night Owl (which also happens to be $100 cheaper than the Fostex Ebony). After all the reviews read and endorsements, I had very high expectations for this set of cans. I'm at the beginning of the burn-in period and can objectively say it blows all my Sennheiser stable as well as my Audio-Technicas out of the water. If I could describe the experience so far, as stated in the title, life-changing good. I will give my in-depth review once I'm done with the suggested 150 hours of burn-in. At the moment I'm tempted to get another pair just to have around in case something happens to these since they are discontinued. In my very biased opinion, the AQ Night Owl are the *best* deal in the market right now.
carlosmante and jaydunndiddit

Just so I'm clear you're talking about the Audioquest NightOwl Carbon closed back HP, right?
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Have you ever heard the Beyer DT1770 Pro?
I have auditioned them, but do not own them. They are excellent, but a little too much treble (for my ears as I'm very treble sensitive).
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