hi, sorry for my english, im from Chile and my english is not the best. The thing is, I have the THX panda and and they stopped working, so... I disassembled the headphones and found out that it was the motherboard :c What can i do?!


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Aug 30, 2021
How old are they? Do you mean that you actually took them apart?! I am hoping that doesn’t violate the terms of any active warranty! That almost always would here in the states! Just a word of advice, check the warranty status first before taking them apart. Always! Even if you did everything right to diagnose the problem, manufacturers are generally very quick to claim that you broke them by doing so! This because they save a ton of money on repairs, and since it’s your word against theirs, they will always win that argument! Perhaps, worst case you could pay to have them serviced. Check if there’s a manufacturer’s authorized repair center somewhere reasonably close to you, but as expensive as those cans are, I’d be very careful who services them or supplies aftermarket parts. I’d do this in the following order:
  1. Check the warranty status first.
  2. Contact Drop Support. I’m guessing they sold them to you, so they’re probably required to provide the support too.
  3. Contact THX Support. Do this only after dealing with Drop Support (if purchased on Drop). You could find out about authorized repair centers if stuck paying at this point.