OK, so this isn't about a new community or anything, this is about massdrop's shipping. This is something that I think could improve massdrop, if you could choose what kind of shipping you wanted; priority, 2-day, 4-day, etc. I would like to see something like amazons shipping options. This may not be possible for them for some reason, but it's just something I personally would like to see.
thumb_uptaylorgood, Mark-1984, and 2 others

Jul 27, 2019
Ordered a $3,000 Samsung Q80. Was sent an email from Drop specifying a "FedEx" tracking number that didn't work on any FedEx site. After several lengthy chat messages with Drop, was told the shipper was some mom and pop shop called "Diamond Freight", which Drop rep said was "white glove service". Called DF 2 days ago, and was told our TV would be here today. Called DF again today and was told there was no record of setting up delivery for today. Got hung up on 3 times in a row -even by the owner- at DS after demanding a confirmation number for the messed up shipping and new ship date. Never had a rep hang up on me if I wasn't being vulgar, but this "white glove" service did. And also refused to answer an email asking for the same confirmation of ship date. Reached out to Drop to escalate the situation and got no response. Unsure that this site is even legit but if it is, the customer service is TERRIBLE. Will never use again. 
Dec 12, 2016
Could you please refine your question? Are you referring to why you can't get your product 2-3 days after you order it, or are you referring to why you can't choose the shipping after the product has been bought and fulfilled by Massdrop?
Dec 14, 2016
Ah, it's all flat rate... Last I checked you didn't have to pay for shipping? Perhaps I'm not observant enough... Either way, I think it's one of those things that Massdrop does to get the product out the door faster, they don't have to worry about shipping so the date isn't delayed anymore than it already would be...
Jun 27, 2020
Maybe what you said was true in 2016/2017 but no longer. "Free" shipping I'd sooner pay for reasonable time frame receiving my purchase than have to wait 4-8 weeks for an "in stock" item. It's now 2020 "get the product out the door faster, they don't have to worry about shipping so the date isn't delayed anymore than it already would be..." that statement is not true anymore by any stretch
Dec 10, 2016
Here is the real question why are some US customers getting UPS and others getting DHL/USPS for the same drops.... I'm pretty sure we all pay the same amount for shipping.
Dec 10, 2016
I didn't know that was happening. And if that's the case, massdrop needs to get their shipping game in order.
Dec 13, 2016
Probably depends on distance from the massdrop warehouse, e.g. DHL might fall in the same price bracket to destination X vs UPS which might be more expensive or vice versa. This way they can charge a flat fee for shipping instead of calculating it by weight and distance like you would normally.