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Instructions for Quilt Kit?

Hi - I purchased the Crystal Gardenia Hoffman Sew in to it quilt kit. My package arrived without any instructions/directions to assembly the quilt. I've reached out to Massdrop, and they are unable to provide, the only option is to return the quilt. I'm wondering if anyone out there also purchased, and could email me the instructions? thanks much - Mama312

Try notifying the company. They might e-mail or snail mail you the instructions.
We i now habe another challenge with this quilt. I have run out of fabric and since I bought it almost 3 years ago, not sure if I can find them. So I’m may be doing some improvising
Did you go to YouTube? I have found them very useful
Dream Cotton
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I've received the pattern / instructions.
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I sure can, send me your email address...
Thank you.
Many thanks, Brenda
did you contact Robert Hoffman? I suspect the kits came straight from them.
Thanks much - Yes - I went directly to Hoffman-CA and they sent me the instructions immediately.
Thank you. I will have to contact them, too. My kit also did NOT include any pattern and instructions.