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Interest Check: Flashlights

Hey guys,
We want to know what Flashlights you like. We already source a variety of different styles and types, but are always looking to keep up with the interests of the community.
· What do you look for in a flashlight? · What types of flashlights are most valuable to you? · What kind of features do you prefer? · Are there particular brands you like?
Your suggestions and feedback are taken into account when we look for products to put on the site so tell us what you like, what you don’t like and any preferences you have in between.

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My current favorite EDC light is the Sofirn C01 with a Yuji 3200K LED. It's basically the same design as a Fenix E01, but with a much warmer tint and even longer runtime. Like the E01, it is a joule thief AKA battery vampire circuit. I love the 3200K tint. So, what I would like to see is the same thing with a solid copper body.
How about an 18650 light?
This is what I'm looking for in a primary pocket EDC flashlight: - runs off 10440/AAA battery; - built-in USB charger; - lightweight body - aluminium or titan; - clicky switch - side or tail; - lock-out mode; - 300+ max lumens output; - 4+ brightness modes, including moonlight; - at least 1 blinker mode (SOS/strobe); - high CRI; - warmish or neutral white tint; - tail with a keyring hole; - glow in the dark lens ring, button and/or a trit slot; - water and drop resistance (common sense). These two almost tick the boxes: 1. Ultratac K18 v2019 - not alumium/titan; - no moonlight mode; 2. Folomov EDC C1 - not alumium/titan; - no keyring hole; - no built-in USB charger, although provided battery has micro-USB charging port; - no glow in the dark.
For smaller AA or AAA lights i prefer to have a pre programmed multimode and usually a warmer led. For cr123a and 18650 lights on the more "tactical" spectrum full programability is a plus. Recently in my current situation obtaining cr123a batteries has proven troublesome so 18650s have been my move.
ReyLight Pineapple in Titanium would be awesome, Make it happen please.
Olights. S20R Should be brought back, very small, super reliable super bright, thanks. - nutnfancy
The owl is on the shed
Astrolux MF01, Olight X7 Marauder, Haikelite MT03 Devourer , Imalent, I've only been collecting for about 6 months so I'm still learning. Of course there are the big boys, Imalent MS12, Acebeam X65, but those are a little expensive for this crowd (me included)
I’m really digging Olight lights lately. A lot of bang for your buck plus cool recharging features. I have their PL Mini weaponlight that is tiny, 400 lumens, magnetic lithium polymer rechargable battery and a M18 Maverick light Ive carried about 2yrs with a mini usb recharable 18650 battery. They keep upping their game.
Having used an Olight in a professional environment for over 5 years I would really like to see them here. I'm sure that there are Chinese manufacturers are great in terms of both performance and quality, but for me as a buyer nothing can replace hard earned experience with a product.
I can’t agree with you more. I feel like every aspect of the light is accounted for. Value, quality, reliability, function, form, variety. Just s great company with great lights. They do very few bead blasted ti...would love to see that here.
Jetbeam Jet II pro are awesome. Anything above the 250 lumens that is not a Keychain light. Add in USB charging, magnetic tailcap and tritium. Self defense and copper are my fav aspects of a good flashlight. A good pocket clip that also can clip to your hat. Rovyvon titanium is a great little EDC light, tiny. Articulated heads are great as well. All need to be drop and water resistant. Good grip and clickiness is necessary. Able to reach ultra low (moon beam) and turbo fast is a must. Personally I use those two the most but I do like to step it down to a medium lumins setting as well. Last bit not least throwie... Beam should throw a good distance. Thanks!
Another Olight fan here for their EDC lights. They are bright, small and easy to use. Also like the easy recharging without removing the battery. I also have a Fenix tactical on my nightstand that is a really good light for that use. Instant on in bright mode from tail switch or double click it for strobe. Or use the side switch for different modes. Really, really useful and nice interface.
Anything by LED Lenser
I personally almost exclusively buy Nitecore. I have tried other brands and none perform and stand the test of time like Nitecore.
I like many of the name brands, Olight being my fav. However the cheaper knockoffs, if proven to be made well (which some are, some aren't) are also always considerations to save money. I prefer lights that utilize single 18650 batts as my #1 choice. Also for the smaller sized pocketable lights, 14500 batts as well. I don't care too much for the larger multi cell lights due to cost and not really as practical for general use.
I wish someone would make a small single "A" battery flashlight with a bolt-action switch. I think it could be cool and only ones I've seen are very few longer two "A" battery types.
I got a machined Aluminum Duracell 4 pack from Costco for like $20. Four colors, lanyard holes, batteries included, bright LED's, and the machined aluminum is tough enough.
A flashlight that is small, yet holds a long-lasting battery, which is made of metal or other durable materials, and which is waterproof (IPX8+))
As small, durable and powerful as possible, with key chain in mind, and then from materials such as brass or copper, possibly titanium.
Feature set, durability, and brightness, in that order, are what I look for in a flashlight. I'm not all that concerned about how it looks. If I'm going to pocket carry it I don't like it to be uncomfortable either, but pocket carry isn't always required.
All time favorite light:
Always interested in three different configurations: keychain/clip-on; lightweight rechargeable 18650 or similar sized medium output (50 - 250 lumen range); high efficiency/high output (1,200 lumen and up range)
Flashlights. All of the flashlights!
Anything that is solid copper
Small, AAA powered, lightweight, easily disappears in the pocket.
As a photographer shooting landscape and architecture, I paint with light In remote locations. I would like to have a high lumen flash light (25k or better) which has a high cri (nichia), a variable beam width glass lens, easy to acquire liths, at least 5 minute beam time on max, removable and independently chargeable batt modules, water resistant, an included form fitting waterproof case, and chargeable by a/c or 12v. While photographing on a river trip I would need to carry a car battery to keep it going. Too much? Maybe one day.......
After moving into the world of 18650 lights with my Eagletac D25LC2 clicky, I don't know if I'd go back to using AA's or AAA's, and for a small light probably stick to cr123 based lights. For functionality my favorite light was my Maratac AAx2, I like how simple it was, click on, and half click through your 3 brightness levels, and break the head to quickly get to strobe. I didn't care for its memory of what mode you were last on, I'd rather start at the lowest to keep from blinding myself if I want to start low anyways. The thing I don't like about my D25LC2 clicky is that after 2 rotations through modes you end up with a ton of strobe/blinking modes, but I do appreciate that you can change the low mode between 2 options.
I would be interested in the sort-of-new Olite 25,000 lumen light, provided they soon offer extra battery packs. On turbo this dragon only spits fire for three minutes. The Imalent 32,000 currently on massdrop seems to be having some problems so I’d like to see the Olite offered. At $600 it won’t be for everyone. Blind a Vulcan at 800 yds. Maybe massdrop could offer it for a bit less than 6 bills.
I LOVE my Nitecore TM-26. Makes trips fun...always very usable and impressive. Use it surprisingly often to light up a room at home. The balance between flood and throw is well-done for my general uses.
I also have a Nitecore HC33 that I really only use as a flashlight when I prefer something smaller. I like the angle of the beam, nice when hand carrying and also when clipping to clothing.
I guess I am a Nitecore fanboy as I also have a small one on my keychain but it is usually out of battery because it turns on in my pocket. Phone gets used more, I may finally take it off since I carry too much stuff in my pockets...
Making something like the TM-26 and HC33 staples would seem to handle a lot of use cases (does for me anyway). :)
Biggest request would be a 18650 sized compact flashlight where the back button ONLY turned it on and off. Maybe have some kind of slide or twist on the body to select a low/medium/high. But the button needs to only do on/off. I hate the button where I have to click it fast to get to a higher or lower brightness. Almost prefer the basic mini-mag just because of that.
The lesser modes, the better for EDC. I've been really happy with the new Olight M1T. Immediately goes to high, then low. Simple. No getting lost in these 5+ mode lights. Fenix PD35 Tac is also great, because you can lock out all the modes, and only run high/strobe via the tail switch.
As stated must be rechargeable , hi output cree light source, however depending on situations output would best as variable, aircraft aluminum which is pretty basic, and please no strobe effect, i cant see crap using that mode