Aug 11, 2018358 views

Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X Gaming Headset issues

Hi, i use a pc37x gaming headset, but after around 2 months of use, i found that the headset i was once loving, was becoming my worst nightmare, first, around 4 days ago, when it was fully plugged in (like usual) the sound started to become muffled, and i couldn't hear voices. I found a work around however (tugging my cord a little bit out fixed it) but, now, sometimes, audio gets completely cut out, and i have to reinstall and restart my computer everytime it does this, and this is common, im now using apple earbuds which are terrible, and desperately looking for a fix, any help? (and no, i did not spill water or anything that i know of on the cord/headset)

I hit the right side of mine while I had them on and it fixed it. I'm not saying thats the solution. However it fixed mine. Now I'm worried about a short. How long till it happens again?... How long till they quit working? I will definatly be contacting customer service about mine. I've only had them a few weeks.... Just my luck.... Any update would be great.
I bought the very same headset today and it does the same thing and i don't know how to fix it
Is there still warranty?
oh God!