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Need help with DAC/AMP setup

Hey guys, so I got my K7xx and I am looking for a DAC/AMP setup at most $200. The problem is, I will use it mainly for gaming and paired with a Blue Yeti Microphone. One thing that I love about the Blue Yeti is that it has a 0 latency monitoring 3.5mm jack on it and I would love to have it in my setup.
So I needed a DAC/AMP that could take a input from my pc (lets say USB) and a 3.5mm input from my 0 latency monitor jack and mix it so I can output it for the K7xx.
Is there any product like this?

Get the O2 and a Topping D10.
Unfortunately there isn't a product that could preform this exact ability. However, there are 2 methods to get this to work 1. If the 3.5mm monitor output jack from your microphone is at line level, you could possibly hook it up with a 3.5 to RCA cable and connect it to a DAC/AMP that has RCA and USB input. xDuoo TA 01, has both RCA and USB, you could hear both sources once headphones are connected. 2. Get a schiit sys. This would allow 2 input into 1 output with 0 latency, but it only has RCA inputs which means you will need a external dac for your computer source. Furthermore, you will need a external amp for the RCA output. (This method is not recommended)
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Thank you very much! One last thing, how do you think that the TA 01 compares with the Schiit Fulla 2?
the ta01 has wayyyyy more power. 2w 32ohm. However i do believe schiit has a slightly better dac