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What would be a decent amp upgrade of Schiit Magni 3 under $300?

I've been wanting to try a different amp other than my current and first amp Schiit Magni 3, pair with Modi 2 DAC. Just wondering which amp is a decent upgrade from Magni 3; do you suggest tube amp? A suggestion of a DAC is also appreciated. I am using HD6XX as my can.
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Nov 17, 2018
Sounds like you're ready to step further in to the rabbit hole (RIP Wallet)! MD Liquid Carbon X with the built-in SDAC for $379 would get your further a long. the MCTH+SDAC is $319 which is another alternative. That's if you're living in the US, if you're like me and live in other parts of the world, then yeah, it sucks! :D If you're happy with Schiit house sound, saving up the $399 could get you a Jotunheim which I can vouch as a great pairing with the HD6xx! If you're in the US then check out Schiit's B-Stock sales on their website, could pick up a good deal there. Have a look over at JDS Labs too, they have B-stock sale as well. Something like the Element would be a great pairing with HD6xx. If you really want a tube amp, the Darkvoice can be had on MD for $199 when it drops! Again, a great pairing with the Sennies! Once you're out of the shallow waters, it rough and murky from here on! Good luck mate!
Nov 17, 2018
JDS Atom
Nov 12, 2018
The thing is the Magni 3 is good enough to be as good or better than most solid state amps multiple times its price, so if you are looking for straight upgrades from the Magni it's going to take a larger budget in my opinion. If you wanted to try something in that specific budget, I would try something else, like tubes. The Massdrop Alex Cavalli Tube Hybrid is a pretty good choice, and currently is available for $320 as a DAC/AMP combo (I personally have the DAC portion separately as the SDAC and love it). The Schiit Valhalla 2 is a great choice of a OTL tube amp and is just a little more expensive than the CTH (just don't expect tons of warm, gooey tube-y sound with the stock tubes. Schiit amps don't sound like that and the Valhalla 2, while it still has some of the tube magic, sounds very clean). In terms of DACs, honestly the Modi 2 will serve you pretty well if you like the way it sounds. I personally find that DACs make the least impact in the chain. I'd say save for a future upgrade to a much better DAC.
Nov 7, 2018
Emotiva A-100 BasX with the jumper mod and be careful not to blow you headphones lol.
Nov 7, 2018
The current A100 model doesn't require a mod, just to move a jumper.
Aug 18, 2018
Meier Corda Jazz, JDS El Amp, or Lake People 103S
Jun 23, 2019
JDS say the Atom is their finest headphone amp to date and that includes the more expensive El Amp. The El amp costs more to build hence the higher price but they say the Atom is their best amp.
Aug 18, 2018
Decent upgrade would be THX AAA or LCX if u could stretch your budget another 50$ or so
Aug 17, 2018
A few things here - there are "tube amps" that have tubes in the preamp section and still have solid-state power amps (i.e. Schiit Lyr), and there are actual tube amps that have tubes throughout (i.e. Schiit Valhalla). Amps with tube preamp give a slightly warmer presentation and often give you the ability to tube roll, so IMO it's more of a lateral move than an upgrade. If you're going for a full-tube (OTL) amp, you'll find that only high-impedance cans work well. If the HD6XX is your only can, you might enjoy an OTL. If you plan on expanding to the realm of planars, an OTL amp is useless.
Nov 7, 2018
Adding to this (sorry it's a bit late but...), garage1217 amps are a very good option for you:
  • Most all of the amps are in the sub $300 range, and the type of tubes they use make tube rolling cheap.
  • Many of there amps are perfectly usable with all kinds of headphones, and they even specify what types of headphones are preferable pairings with each amp.
  • There is also a wealth of tube rolling info on headfi; I'm sure other places too.
  • Like Schiit, they have a great warranty (5 years!)
I've heard the project ember a while back and really liked it. I also read nothing but good things about the company's amps.
If you can find a Gustard H10 they sold in that neighborhood. I love my Cayin iHA-6 but that's a bit beyond your stated price bracket.
Topping offers DAC's sub $300, you can also find Teac UD-301's in the market for a decent price. The schiit and audioquest offerings are also good values.
Nov 16, 2018
Agree with the Gustard H10, I got mine used on Ebay for a really good price. They are out of production, but you might find a used one.
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