Need a belt-mounted document and wallet holder
I need a belt-mounted "man purse" that is wide enough to hold a Samsung phone, and has pockets for a passport, foreign identity card, a wallet that accommodates € currency, and a few other small items such as a leather change purse. Right now I am using a small fake leather purse I got at Target. I stripped it down to a simple bag and sewed straps on the back to mount it on my belt. It has a swivel snap hook I can connect to rings on the zippers--a vital security feature. When traveling it's necessary to carry my passport, and I can't have it getting bent up in my pants pocket. I would love to work with somebody to design one of these. In Europe, the norm is a shoulder strap bag that men carry, but the belt mounted bag is handier.

Nov 3, 2018
I found a skilled designer and the prototype is finished. The product is beautiful soft leather. It has a slot in the side to insert a charging cord or headphone cord.