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Little Bear B4 Portable Tube Amp

Listening to Philippe Saisse via my modified Monoprice Monolith M560 Planar semi open headphones
dEPeCHe, Megazine, and 10 others

Would you guys ever bring a little bear on an airplane? Or as any one ever had any issues with security? I have a 19 hr flight coming up. Was thinking about bringing it, but it does look like something security would question.
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And I sent a pic of the little bear
You walk around with all that stuff?
Yeah, room to room and sometimes to my basement den at my home.
I ordered the black B4-X upgraded dual mono version with balanced output a few days ago to try with my HE-4XX and, when they finally arrive, my Tin Audio T3 in balanced mode. It hasn't shipped yet but they estimate I should receive it sometime between March 21 and April 11. I can't say I appreciate the aspect of having to wait the better part of a month for it to arrive but it didn't look like there was any faster option. Anyway, there's plenty of things to keep me busy until then. When everything finally arrives I'll let you guys know how it all sounds since there seems to be very little info about the B4-X model.
Oh cool, I didn't know something like this existed. Thanks, I just ordered one. $60 FTW!
Is the little bear still working? I know for the price you can’t expect miracles, but just wondering how reliable it is. I just ordered mine off eBay. Its weird, I want the black one so I ordered that. And it ships from China (about a month shipping time). If you order the silver it’s one day prime shipping and it comes with the nicer jumper aux cable. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Black one still looks nicer imo
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How does the b4 compare to the b4x?
I have heard that op amp replacement to BX-4 using the Burson v5i is she sure bet for better mids? What do you think?
How has the little bear held up, and would you reccomend it? I'm thinking of buying one.
If you are looking for something different regarding tube sound then this portable device is the one.
I tend to use the B4 if I am listening Reggae or R&B, something that is not clinical but emphasis on bass.
It is not my daily driver but if I am bored with the MOSFET headphone amplifier which has sharp clinical precise sound then the B4 IMO is the one.
Oh yeah did I mention the price...