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Gaming Headphones

Hey, guys new to the whole audio game but i'm looking for a pair of headphones that are perfect for FPS gaming. I would prefer Closed back. thank you all in advance budget is around $200

Maybe something like the audio technica m50x for closed they would be good for fps and picking up details I have a pair of m50s. If you were to go open you would have some other great options I personally use the Phillips fidelio x2 they are great for gaming all depends on your budget :)
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ummm what kind of amp would go great with beyerdyna dt770
I myself havent used a dt770 but i know the dt770 has 3 versions so it depends but if you go for say the 80ohms version a dac and amp would be a good idea just to get the best out of them. Personally I use an smsl m6 dac and amp combo for all my headphones good value and will do the job great also the schiit products get good praise stuff like the vali and modi. Maybe someone with more knowledge on the dt770 might help you more with that one.