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JACK Studio SA Migaloo Custom Keycap Set

Migaloo is the only known all white humpback whale in the world. “Migaloo” is the aboriginal word for "white" in Australia
He was first sighted in the Australian waters in 1991. Since then, people have met him more than fifty times at different times and places, and one of the occasional encounters was particularly exciting. It was captured by photographer Jenny Dean at the Egira Bay in northern Queensland, Australia, the wonderful scene of Migaloo jumping over the water.
At that time, he was rushing out of the water with his symbolic backflip action. The long fins gracefully crossed the air. After hovering for about one or two seconds, the body weight was slowly twisted and fell, making great sound and huge waves.
The graceful "dance", dazzling white, seems to be in the fairy tale world.
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Awesome, when are you releasing?
So beautiful! When’s it releasing? Need Mac set.
What keyboard/ case should I use
Do want!

I'm very excited for this keycap set, thanks for sharing :-)
Ohhhh.....this is nice!
tbh what I really want is another run of SA By the Sea
ISO version would be ace 👍🏼
Great if there would be an ISO version
So familiar……
So when’s it releasing??!??
Is this going to be made? I am super interested.
beautiful ... maybe By The Sea like but imo nicer legend color (light blue vs red) and nicer art. Looking fwds to this set!
Oh thank god. I was beginning to worry that the veritable wellspring of innovation currently driving the market for ridiculously overpriced keycaps might be starting to run dry.

I have seen something like this before... thats right. It's SA by the sea by
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Here's Vanilla Ice explaining the difference between this set and SA by the sea: Maybe a set dedicated to an all-white whale should have been all white?
Agreed. WAY too close to SA By The Sea. Too many cap sets these days are coming out looking almost exactly like other sets.. KAT Alpha vs SA Ice Cap, Ferrous vs Industrial. Hard pass from me.
Looks like SA by the sea with slightly more muted reds and blues.............
Theme and color card are different
@JACK_Studio Nice set!! What do you use to create the keyset pic (not the keyboard renders)?
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hahaha,I finally understand CorelDRAW

Looks great! ABS or PBT?
Hello which keyboard is this please? Thank you
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Unlucko thanks for replying tho, i really like the slickness of the keyboard
There are still many keyboards in this style.
Hello which keyboard is this please? thanks
this looks so nice!
Thank you support!