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KBD67Lite × CRP Xerox 6001 × Resin Party "Buttermilk" Microdose
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Sep 15, 2021
Just got Tulip and Peacock in as my first CRP sets, too. Got Tulip on my kbdlite til I build my boop65 later. Ooooo-weee are they some quality PBT. So glad I grabbed the fr4 plate for the boop, the brass one it normally comes with would be intense lol. Anyway, beautiful looking Lite and I love that microdose novelty! Is that your first CRP setup as well? That board/plate and crp caps gobtogether like peanut butter n jelly aha.
Sep 16, 2021
Oh man, they feel INCREDIBLE. The texture on the face feels more akin to some ABS sets, and it gives them the most pleasent touchfeel, that I can only describe as feeling super "dry" - but in the best way possible. They're nice and stiff feeling as well, so no hollow-plastic sound profile. And you are correct in that this is my first owned set from CRP/Hammerworks, but I've been aware of them for quite a while and from the start I knew I was hooked on their aesthetic. There aren't many other design houses that keep putting out such high-quality & accurate sets. They just know how to find the best vintage kits to repro, and they have the sublegend/side-printing game locked down - which is my favorite part about them. I was never really much of a fan of recreated vintage sets, either (except for weird sculpt/scooped stuff + hi-pro-alikes)... until I learned about CRP. Congrats on the cop to you too! Tulip was the set that first caught my attention. I know this is FAR from my last CRP kit, as they are something really special. But yeah, appreciate the kind words, my g. Yeah the Lite sounds nutty with the PC plate. Did quite a few extra DIY mods, as well - so it sounds & feels like a dream. It's the White Top/Gray Bottom, too, so it even further completes the Vintage look with this set, imo. Oh, and +1 for the Microdose love! I actually won this from him on one of his blindbag giveaways recently, and he could NOT have picked a better one to pop my cherry with - the green is phenominal (I'll upload a nice macro shot so you can really see the deets up close). I actually didn't even have my CRP set yet when I got it, so when I realized how PERFECT it matches the sub-legends & the general aesthetic of the board itself, it was a wrap. These two might stay together permanently!