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Dji Phantom 4 Pro Drop

Can sonsomeone please create a phantom 4 pro poll.

Can't you create it yourself?
I'm not saying that it's impossible. I haven't been able to start/contribute to a poll in some time. Several attempts to go through Massdrop support later, I'm still unable. Just wondering if this is proof that someone else has this problem.
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Windows, Firefox 50.0.2,
That's just one example of a link that I've tried to post, and I can't remember any others at the moment.
Able to reproduce the issue. The image returned from that site is super long and seems causing the page to break. We will look into this issue, thanks for reporting, Heefty!
In the meantime, there is a work around: Enter and then when the pop up appears, replace the URL with so it does not try to grab the long image, and manually enter the product name. Sorry for the inconvenience.