If Fedex is in, I'm out

The past three orders I've placed through Drop have been sabotaged by Fedex's awful shipping. Maybe it saves Drop a lot of money in shipping costs, but it cannot be helping save Drop from losing customers. The order I'm waiting for currently has visited has, no exaggeration, been to 22 different states in the US, visiting 4 of those at least twice. It's been out for delivery three times now after having arrived to the sorting facility that's 30 minutes from its final destination. Each time it's been out for delivery, it's then gone to another state hundreds of miles away. If you look at the tracking data for that shipment right now though, you don't see any of that. The tracking changes every time I look at it. But my screenshots tell a different story. I've talked to Fedex, but Fedex has awful customer service. They won't hold it at a sorting facility for me. They won't say it's lost. They claim everything is fine, and nothing is out of the ordinary. They see nothing wrong with the thousands and thousands of extra miles that my box of key switches has travelled. Maybe I could take it up with Drop directly, but what can they do? Ship me a new box of key switches via Fedex? While Fedex's awful service isn't Drop's fault, using Fedex is. Frankly, I'd be willing to pay a lot more for shipping if it actually meant my packages showed up.

Sep 16, 2021
I guess I should have predicted this. Less than 20 minutes after posting my rant, the packaged showed up. I looked at Fedex's tracking data, and it's bananas. They scrubbed it, entirely. It follows a much cleaner path now, showing no shenanigans. While I'm happy it finally arrived, I still don't trust Fedex at all, especially after dealing with the customer "service" and the unreliable tracking.
Sep 16, 2021
I haven't had this level of trouble (yikes!) but Fedex Smartpost (er, "Ground Economy" now) is literally the worst. Packages from Drop typically sit for three to five days at a time at each of three warehouses between Edison and Boston, so I'm guaranteed at least two weeks of waiting on every order. (I'm not even counting three or more days of being "Reserved for Shipping" even when something is in stock.) No other company I've bought from takes so long. But then again, none of them use FedEx. Packages sent plain ol' USPS can cross the country in three days.
Sep 24, 2021
Here's a timeline for anyone who wants to know what "in stock" shipping looks like from Drop:
  • 9/9 ordered
  • 9/16 Arrived at FedEx location (Breinigsville, PA)
  • 9/17 Left FedEx origin facility
  • 9/21 In transit (Sacramento, CA)
  • 9/24 Departed FedEx location (Fedex Smartpost Sacramento, CA)
When will it deliver? Not sure. Delivery date updated again... So 8 calendar days elapsed between order and the package leaving the origin facility, and it sat with Fedex in Sacramento for 4 calendar days. So that's 12 days of nothing added to every order. There is no excuse. Contrast with other free shipping (coast to coast) which typically delivers 4 days from order. With Drop, the package hasn't even left origin until the 8th day.
Sep 24, 2021
So I have a few projects going on, and I've ordered parts from Divinikey, 3DKeebs, and TheKeyCompany recently. Those are located in California, Texas, and Michigan, respectively. I'm in Boston. All three's packages got here within three days of me hitting submit. I've never had a Drop package sit for less than four days "reserved for shipping" at Drop's warehouse before even beginning its trek.