Sony MDR XB950 BT Good or Bad?

I'm looking for a good wireless headphone that I can use for pretty much anything. I'm also wondering if I should just go in-ear or over ear. I tend to sleep, exercise, and work with my headphones in so any thoughts or comments would be helpful.

May 30, 2017
They are a bit awkward for sleeping. Though for consumer audio, they're honestly so damn good. I personally wouldn't use studio monitors to listen to music- I would use studio monitors for studio monitoring and these headphones any day for music listening.
For work, these headphones are significantly more comfortable that most headphones out there (like the Beats [don't get beats- they're trash]). I'll make an exception for Bose Quiet Comfort. They don't have as much bass as the Sony's, but they have really good noise cancellation in comparison with the Sony MDR 950N1s.
Working out... I've used these headphones on the treadmill. They don't fall off, but you're going to sweat and that may be annoying. These aren't water resistant to any degree, so watch out for that too.
Dec 16, 2016
This depends on if youre in favor of the prominent bass. If youre looking for an audiophile headphone with a nice balanced signature then id look somewhere else. If you want something to rumble your skull then you will love it. I bought one awhile back since i found it for t0 bucks, i fugured it would be nice for mlyoutube and movies at least, and it is. But i vant listsn to music with it, its just too much for me even with no boost. Id personally suggest the wireless v moda, over it, but if you really want that rumble then youll be happy with it
Dec 13, 2016
My Budget would be anything Under $200