Aug 19, 2018

Nib replace or tune up?

I have a Campo Marzio pen that my son brought me from a trip to Milan. Starting the ink flow is hard and once started, the flow is miserly, leaving a scratchy experience. The writing on the nib is "Iridium Point Germany", but my research suggests that's irrelevant without a brand name, suggesting the nib was likely made in India or China.
For sentimental reasons, I would like to use this pen and have no knowledge of how to tune the nib. Do you have a pen repair/nib replacement service that you like to use and to which I could mail the pen? There's nothing I know about in the Sarasota, FL area. Thanks.

My dear, you are almost assuredly a victim of the Great Italian Pen Hustle--in which an unscrupulous retailer puts a schmaltzy sudo-designer name on an inexpensive Chinese-made pen, dresses it up in a pretty box, and then charges the uninitiated but well-intentioned tourist passers-by, fifty euros for for a seven-dollar pen! The only justice is to fly to Milan at once, find the scoundrel, and string him up by his thumbs!
Of course that won't do much for your pen.
Fortunately, there are several ways to improve your situation. First, cheap Chinese pens aren't actually bad pens--so long as you know what you're getting and don't pay too much for them--I own several and like them all.
Suggestion one: do the work yourself (as I doubt a reputable nib-smith would take your pen in for adjustment). The stingy ink flow is likely caused by the tines being too close together. You can adjust them by carefully inserting a razor blade between them--a little at a time--and then testing the flow again. Remember, you looking for left and right separation, not up and down separation.
The second suggestion is to replace the nib yourself. A good place to find replacement nibs for Chinese pens is Goulet Pens. Here's a link to the nib page:
Good luck and let us know how your pen turns out--or your trip to Milan, whichever you chose ;- )
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Another good source. PS: I agree with anyone who agrees with me ;- )
Take a look at this video in case you ever want to go into the replacing a nib and feed.