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What MD collab headphone has the best bass?

Out of all the MD headphones which one has the best bass? Looking for good clarity with fun bass response.
I'm new to Massdrop and higher-end headphones so any help would be appreciated!!

I would venture that the TR-X00 Purpleheart has the most quantity while the Ebony has better extension (while having a bit less rumble vs the PH). For the best bass quality, speed, texture, extension, etc. I would say the Focal Elex holds that award. While it may not have the same visceral impact as the Fostex cans, they possess so much more resolution and you can hear bass notes and lines that the Fostex would "boomify" and make more "fun." I thoroughly enjoy both depending on my mood but from the eprspective of "best" bass, I think I would give that award to the Elex. It also handles EQ pretty well and I with a modest boost in the low-end (I do about 5 dB), the Elex become very punchy for an open-back headphone.
If you want some incredibly low and well textured old-school bass tracks, check these out:
They will be very revealing of how low your speakers can go and include bass tone tests as well. Once you hear how good the low-end can be, you'll start turning your nose up to cans that have bass that is "boomy" or "one-note.
Super helpful, thanks for the info!! 🙌🏽
I have the Ebony THX00, I think they perfectly fit what you're looking for! Unless you can afford the Elex, I heard those have insanely fast and clean bass decay with good punch. But for extension, quantity and texture the THX00 probably can't be beat
I've had a pair of the X00's ( since Dec 2015 and that I think they are the closest to what you're looking for. For reference, I typically listen to a lot of electronic like Ratatat, Blue Foundation, Zeds Dead (and sometimes delve into some minimalist techno like Plastikman). There's range in tracks, but I definitely appreciate the low ends :).
I'm told the are even better, but I haven't gotten around to trying them out for an extended period of time yet.