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What are some good headphones under the $100 mark?

Recently, my headphones broke, and i need them because i use them to listen to music almost always. What are some good headphones in this price range? It doesn't matter if they are in-ear or over-ear, i just need some good reccomendations

Grado SR225 in a quiet setting. Open ear. Brooklyn made.
Koss PortaPros. Seriously.
I agree with the ThinkSound On2 as a great choice. Another one should be the Koss Pro S. They are pretty good overall- lightweight, closed, foldable, comes with case, and probably most important thing about the brand is the lifetime warranty (they simply ask for like $9 dollars for shipping). I got mine from Amazon some time ago for less than$100 but it's currently higher there. But I've seen them here for under $100
Thank you so much for the help! I'll take both into consideration!😊
I thought of a few more options so here you go. Well the Koss Porta Pro are fantastic and are basically legendary. I still like to hear them from time to time when I don't need closed cans. Grado SR60 and maybe SR80 can fit the bill. There has also been a buzz about Status Audio CB1 closed cans and those are $80 but I just saw a 30% discount code for them. YouTubers are claiming that they are very good and at that price I would give them a try. And as per IEM I like 1More Triple drivers which are on sale for $79 instead of regular price with code INEAR
I was quite satisfied with the Thinksound On2 when I got them. It was $89.99 in the last drop here. Just my tastes though, yours could be different! XP
Thank you for the recommendation! I'll take at these😊