Dec 13, 2016

Incandescent Lights

I've had this problem of late finding a quality light that isn't super bright. I know of a house with a few little boys who love nothing more with regards to flashlights than pointing them in one anothers' eyes. What's more, is no matter how many times you scold them for it, they keep doing it (boys after all). What's more is that if I go camping with them where they really must have a light, I get blinded too. I'm not going to let them touch my LED lights. I value my eyes too much for that.
Simple solution, go back to the good old fashioned incandescent bulbed lights of yore. That or just a less aggressive LED light. Does anyone know what the limit is in lumens before eye damage is likely? Is there even a light in existence that isn't a POS that uses an incandescent bulb these days? I can't find it if there is. Other than mag lights, which are just ok, but I really want to get something that can use 18650... Please share your expertise if you have it!

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