Do these plan on EVER being restocked? - as of this posting (around mid-September 2021) all of the usefull kits have been OOS for I-dont-even-know how long... :( Im trying to mix n' match sets from a few different mt3 sets, and the last few that I need are sold out - with no restock in sight! - and because of this, aftermarket/mechmarket prices are unreasonably high for what they are. Specifically wanted /dev/tty's Unicorn Barf accent kit, spacebars, side-print or Triumph sets. Also need some sold out Extended 2048 & Susu sets, but those also seem end-of-life... Probably the only thing Drop's done well (mt3 sets), also seem to be the least consistently replenished.


Sep 20, 2021
I managed to grab a couple Triumph kits back in early February, but didn't keep them, because I couldn't get any of the other kits I needed (and they haven't come back into stock this entire time). It does look like all the Susuwatari kits are in stock right now, and 2048 restocked a few weeks ago, though I think some kits have already sold out again.
Sep 25, 2021
Yeah, I've had the same couple things in my cart for quite a while now waiting for the last couple things I had planned. Unfortunately, they are indeed from the small few kits that are sold out, in both sets ... 🙃