Aug 20, 2018

Listening to music while you write...

I just discovered these incredible CDs that I love to listen to while I write--so peaceful and inspiring--and would love to know what your thoughts are toward this topic. I always love to discover music that doesn't distract while you're writing or reading, and if you need a moment, you can enjoy it tremendously and inspires you. I actually discovered this particular artist through another author friend; check it out for yourself. The first link is particularly applicable if you are religious, but if not, the second link will work great for all others too. I immensely enjoy all his albums.

So let me get this straight--you ask for our thoughts / opinions on this fellow's music and then give us a link to buy his CDs on Amazon? So first we have to buy the CD, wait for it to get here, cue it up, have a listen and then get back to you on it?
Well, what if we hate the guy--then we're just out the fourteen bucks and we're stuck with a CD we'll never listen to again?! I say you're asking too much!
Why didn't you just post a link to one of the guy's YouTube videos--you know they have the internet on computers now, don't ya?
PS: each to his own buddy, but after listening to that video, I'm pretty glad you didn't actually talk me into buying that CD after all--woof!
;- )