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All you need to know about the HD58X. I tried to cover them all

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Hey Soulsik, what type of cables do you have coming out of your amp?
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Thanks for your efforts.
Going to kick my experiences into the pot here: I think the 58X is the best deal in headphones currently. I think it's more resolving sound signature and extra base make it a much better entry into headphones than the currently-$200-SHPs, and I think this is a straight up step above the HD559 and 579 (haven't heard the 598/599 so can't comment on those).
I notice, compared to the 6XX the treble is not rolled off. The bass compared to the 6XX? There may be more of it, but the 6XX is just so well mannered to my ears. Like the bass sounds cleaner, I guess? Vocals are more isolated on the 6XX as well, but the 58X is still no slouch. As a general use headphone, I think the 58X is fantastic, and it's cheaper price make me less afraid to take it outside and really listen to it.
I tested this and the 6XX on my Pixel, a Shanling M0, a Fiio Q1 Mark II, an SMSL M6, and finally single ended on an Aune X7s, and I can say, both sound better with better amplification. Though, to my ears the difference was subtle. Your experience may vary.
Honestly, I agree with you, Soulsik. The 58X is a fantastic value for money, and while I was able to afford the 6XX and the 58X, I think anyone would be happy with either. I've steered a family member and a close friend to the 58X and both have told me how amazing things sound through the 58X compared to anything before it. My sister went from the 559 to the 58X and she was instantly able to tell a difference.
I actually listened to your review with the 58X lol. Today, it's what I took to work and it sounds decent even out of the Shanling M0.
Thank you for sharing ! Glad you enjoyed the hd58x and my review. I certainly enjoyed yours :)
Thanks man, but it's clear you put a lot of effort into your video. I'm just a dude with a keyboard and too much time lol
Edit: also totally did not mean to steal your thunder or anything. I just figured it would be a good spot to add some more subjective impressions. Your vid is and should be the main attraction, and seriously, thanks for making and posting it.