What is the specific color code for this shade of Yellow used for the HiCent/Spacebar/Nov kits. And for those that actually own it in-hand; is it closer to the warm-ish, saturated Yellow as shown in the renders (almost looks like the Yellow used in the Serika set)? Or is it more fluorescent, closer to the slightly pale, "Hi-Liter" Yellow that's used in the CDPR Cyberpunk branding? I really want it to be a warmer & more versatile yellow/gold-shade like in the digital kitting examples, but from a lot of the pics I've seen it appears much less saturated, and much more "neon"-looking, and that worries me. Unfortunatepy, it seems the Iron Fist of Zambumon is sticking to his guns of not running another MT3 Serika, and Drop seems just as uninterested in restocking the /dev/tty Unicorn accents, so these are the only other option... I wanted to use either the Hi-Cent mods & Susu Spacebars with my MT3 White-on-Black, but color accuracy & real-life appearance could make-or-break the whole colorway I'm going for, so I'd HUGELY appreciate a clear answer on this! Thanks.


close Any interest? MiTo does not release color codes
Sep 22, 2021
Ahhh yeah, I check MGB religiously throughout the day, nevermind MechMarket/MK, so I've been aware of Mika for a bit now but it's not quite what I'm looking for. That, and I've boycotted joining any GMK buys for a while, and I'm bored with CherryPro.