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Any Cheap Cameras For Vlogging Under £150

I am a youtuber looking for a vlogging camera to do videos with can anyone help me I need a camera under £150 can anyone help me? If you can please tell me the name of the camera Thanks!
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Grab yourself a video-capable point and shoot. My personal recommendation would be a Canon S100 series camera. Those do video pretty well.
More important than video is your audio quality. Get a high-quality recorder if you can either a USB mic like a Yeti or get a Zoom H4n used for around ~$100.
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Out of curiosity(cause I know nothing), what would be the different qualities in a mic when used for gaming vs vlogging?
A blue yeti is a desktop mic that can only be used when plugged into a computer where as the video micro you can just plug into your camera and get better audio quality of what your filming in real time.
The only difference in the microphones is portability. And a little price...