Why does DROP bother with FedEx?

/rant:on So I have two Drops, both with FedEx, both with either 'operation delays' or simply delays. And we are about two hours south of Edison. Newegg in NJ gets deliveries here overnight even when I ask for slowboat service. One drop got shipped out to WV where it sat for three days before turning around. I get the hub and spoke model, but it gets into town and "operationally" delayed at our local FedEx distro center about 5-6 miles from here for two days. For the second, and more galling delay, FedEx can't get deliveries from their distro center -to their own office store- without an "operational delay". It's like they aren't even trying anymore. You know who is trying? USPS. I've been doing a lot of eBaying of late and they are managing to beat expected deliveries around the country for less than FedEx would charge me. I'm thinking I will pull my records and send them to Drop incase they want to try to claw back some of the fees they are being charged. If nothing else, use these experiences to negotiate better rates. This is just laughable. /rant:off.
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Sep 29, 2021
Fedex usually works fine for me...and there is the definite benefit of your package having seen more of the world than you and being more experienced because of it >.>
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