IEM's with no DAC/AMP for long flights?

Hi guys,
Im looking to surprise my gf with her first pair of >$50 IEM's as well as a purchase for myself.
I would really like something that works well all around (music/movies/gaming) without any extra help from a DAC or AMP, as they will mostly be used during our crazy long flights to get anywhere from Aus...
I was looking at spending upto $120ea as I do need/want to get 2 if anyone has any suggestions.

Aug 27, 2018
Agree with the Shures for sound isolation and ergonomics. The rest of their SE line is great too.
Aug 24, 2018
With your budget at $120 each: Shure 215 iBasso IT01 Pinnacle P2 Meze 12 Fiio F9 1More Triple Nuforce EDC Nuforce EDC3
Everything here is very sensitive so they should get quite loud from just about anything. I put them in order of my favorite to least favorite just for context. Actually, out of everything here, the only one I still own is the Shure 215. Nowadays, you can get them new for $70-80 and I think at that price they are very hard to beat. They're arguably my favorite jack-of-all-trades and does just about everything well enough for me to not complain. I think the others are more focused and will depend on what you listen to and use them for. Otherwise, they're all safe bets in this price bracket.
Aug 25, 2018
Thanks a lot for that, i was looking at the fiio, nuforce and shures, guess il go with the shures then
Aug 27, 2018
The Shures also have that ergonomic shape to their shells that makes them very comfortable as well. But if you aren't used to routing cables over the ear, it takes some getting used to...but I prefer it that way, much more secure. The 1more triple and meze are typical IEMs with the wire hanging down.
I'd add to the list the Oriveti Primacy Basic, which is a great budget IEM, removable cables, lightweight aluminum shells and just great all around, easygoing sound signature and no amp required.