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Should Massdrop get into UL food?

So I was wondering, has Massdrop ever ventured into UL food? I'm not talking about the high sodium standard meals, but well crafted freeze dried meals, snacks, DYI kits etc. What does the community think?
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please take this light hearted lol i love that everyone is trying to eat healthier on trail, but the truth is, in my experience, you need that extra sodium, carbs, and “bad stuff” we are warned about in our day to day sedentary lives. In the backcountry, that’s different. My section hikes on the jmt and pct always end with some magic butter - jiffy, half a snickers, and maybe an almond joy for good measure. Boom - pct/jmt jet fuel. (And you’ll still lose weight). I ask myself why I see people (here in Los Angeles) 1.5 miles in on a hike (2 miles from the closest Starbucks) and seemingly in great shape yet hit with a sudden onset of extreme fatigue even on a cool 65 degree winter day. Their body is simply out of fuel. If anything look at backpacking as an excuse for a cheat day!
Yep, there are some great options coming out.
Food dehydrators are great, and I use one. But they are time consuming and sometimes it's nice to have a "starter pack" of a few staples that you could choose from, without having to buy a #10 can of multiple items, or dehydrate an entire bag of say, vegetables, when you need a handful.
I recommend just buying a food dehydrator and preparing your own healthy UL meals. That’s what I do. It’s cheaper and you can have as much variety and customization as you want.
I like staples, instead of fancy meals. On the PCT I ate beans and rice almost every night. Instant rice with instant freeze dried refried beans, variety was added with spam, cheese, taco bell sauce packets, ect. Keeping it basic, cheap, freeze dried, and minimal packaging is the way to go.
There are some really cool readymade things that would be amazing to get some discounts on. Greenbelly and complete cookies for example. Make a poll on it and see what others like/have interest in!
I agree. I think that there could be a lot of potential for either ready made options and new meals to a DIY kit of various freeze dried ingredients for a design your own. I just see lots of potential for smaller companies.
No. Too complex.