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Carving board vs Cutting board

There is a difference!
Just received my new JK Adams carving board from La Cuisine International and it's really a top-notch board. It's a true carving board with deep drain channels for what we politely refer to as "the juices" when slicing up a roast (keeps that mess from flooding your countertops), but the best part is that it's double-sided: a flat side for steaks, and a second side with a deep well to fit poultry and roasts. The board is solid Vermont Maple (actually made in the USA too), measures 20" x 14"--and it weighs a ton!
But here's the really good part--I saw the board reviewed on the America's Test Kitchen site (where it won top honors out of a dozen competing boards tested). ATK was offing them at a special/reduced price of something in the neighborhood of (ouch) eighty-bucks! That still seemed pricey to me--so I scoured the internet and turned up the same board for $42--with a 10% off discount for registering!!! How can you say no to that? I don't know, and neither did my sister--we both bought one.
Holidays are coming, as they say, so if you're in need of a really great carving board (something your kids will likely end up with), take a shot at this one. You can find La Cuisine Appliances on the net (out of Miami) and the model name of the board is "The Turnabout". Check out JK Adams on the net too for more details.
--good luck.
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I did not know that. I was given a similar board and I just thought it was a ridiculous cutting board 😔
I would have thought the same thing a couple of weeks ago!