Good headphones for games?

So i have been on a quest for the past few week and i'm looking to buy a headphone that's perfect for gaming and music. i have been using a razer kraken pro v2 (quite a mouth full) for the last year and i like it but it is starting to show some wear and tear, so i thought that it would be good to buy a set of real headphones instead of these 'gaming headsets'. i am gonna be using a blue yeti so i don't need a headset that has a mic but rather a headphone that sounds amazing. I have seen a few that i was interested in and see if you can help me pick one or even add a better one. my budget is pretty much anything under 300. I want to use the headphones for competitive games such as rainbow six and CS GO.
So far i have looked at the Philips Fidelio X2HR which is something that i have seen some Youtubers use, like jacksepticeye. everyone says that they are overall really good for games and are open back.
There is also the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro which is like 100 Euros cheaper than the philips and is also open back.
I also looked at the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 250 Ohm. first off i don't know what ohms are and second of all this one is closed back and i hear it sounds really flat but precise.
And finally this is something that some of you might hate and start screaming at me but i have looking at the Beats Studio3 Wireless Red. now hold on i do have some good reasons for it, first off it looks beautiful. I can use it for music and for gaming anywhere i go and it can fold in and also wireless paired with my phone. it also has active noise cancelling but i don't really know how good they are for gaming. I have heard people say that beats are trash for anything especially for gaming, but i also hear people say: good headphones are good headphones.
I hope you guys can help me.
Edit: i was also really intrested in the AKG k7xx but i cant find a place that sells it in the netherlands or ships them here.

6xx is perfect for both tbh. Comfy, any genre sounds really good on them and imaging and stage makes locating sounds in games really easy in my experience.
Aug 27, 2018
I haven't heard the Fidelio x2HR but when I got the X1 when they came out they amazed me with just how great they sound, and even better through my little aune T1 tube DAC (love that thing!). Also the X1 (and X2 I'm sure) are the most comfortable headphones I've owned.
I prefer open back while gaming and closed the rest of the time. I don't think you'd go wrong with the Fidelio or the beyers. You'd definitely need a decent amp for the Beyer 770s though. The O2 amp is a great amp for the price too. JDS labs has one, and MD had their own O2 as well.
Not all Beats are bad. In fact i think Tyll (of the formerly fantastic inner fidelity) liked a pair of the wireless Beats. But my vote would be to grab a pair for travel like the Beats and a dedicated pair for gaming like the Fidelio if your budget allows. There's a huge difference in open back listening and portable/closed... I think you might be disappointed with the sound quality for gaming with the wireless Beats
Aug 28, 2018
well thank you, i'm gonna take your word for it and get a pair right now also im gonna get the modmic 5.0 to make a damn good headset.