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Where do people get their hi-res music?
I have scads of songs via iTunes and they sound decent thru iRiver and my bifrost multibit but Tidal MQA stuff sounds a fair bit better. I'm all over in genres, kind of hung up in house/edm currently.

Tidal with a Master subcription. I use a Pro-Ject S2 with MQA (though I run it in MQB mode) and then a Schiit stack for non-MQA music. signup for the emails and wait for a coupon code. They offer CD quality FLAC through 2x DSD depending on the album. Price goes up with sample rate however.
Listening to Tidal HiFi right now
Spotify etc. streams in 320kps if on extreme. CD quality is even better. If you want Audiophile quality music find lossless music to download or try a site like ... I find 24 bit & 96K to be good enough for me..... far superior to CD 16bit 44K.
I use Spotify. Tried TIDAL with my STAX L700 but did not notice much difference. TIDAL sounds louder but that's just about it.