Aug 27, 2018176 views

Need help deciding between HD6xx and AKG K7xx

I'm new to audiophile headphones. I've been a crazy audio guy for a while but I just hadn't had the money for amazing headphones.
I'd be getting these headphones for music from my smartphone and PC.
I don't have a headphone amp at this time. I'm not sure if i even want to buy one.
Any help is appreciated.

I'll fifth the "no amp = 58X" sentiment. But I'd also say not to limit yourself to those few options. It's the golden age of headphones. There are a lot of great sounding cans out there that are easy to drive well from a smartphone.
Without an Amp buy the 58X not question. I own the 6XX, AKG712 PRO and the 58X. The first two without an AMP sound bad, thin, not bass and lacking in volume and meat. The 58X sounds good with everything. (AND IT COST LESS!!!)
I agree with this as well. The 58X is the better buy unless you have better gear for the 6XX and listen to a lot of rock, acoustic, country, etc. The 58X is much more genre agnostic where the 6XX is very honed to certain categories.
I prefer my HD650 over the AKG K7XX but others disagree...
i prefered my friends HD6XX over my K712 Pro, so agree.
If you don't have an amp and can't afford one I'd recommend something like the Sennheiser 58X or a 32 Ohm BeyerDynamics DT880 or DT990.
The AKG doesn’t have much bass at all. Both of them are power hungry. the AKG has better treble. So just depends on what you like more. i prefer the 6XX by far. You would have to invest in an amp later.