Tolkien Dwarven and Elven Roadmap Preview


I wonder (hope) they'll put the space bar writings on the 7u as well as the 6.25u...
Oct 13, 2021
Last update was that these might just show up on Drop for immediate purchase. Hopefully we can hear an update from @matt3o
Oct 11, 2021
I need it! Is there an ETA on this? :o
Oct 9, 2021
I love the concept, but the colorway leaves much to be desired. Just looks like MT3 Matcha & Warm /dev/tty. :( Just more of the same in my opinion, and MT3 color-diversity is severely lacking... And the lack of design changes is also worrisome (unless Matteo just hasn't shown us any). It still just *looks* like a set designed 10 years ago to me, and novelty/text/logo spacebars are just too easy to cross the line into tacky-territory. This would be the perfect chance to do Light & Dark variants! Imagine a Blood Red-on-Black/Dark Gray, stealthy Mordor set?!
@filefish wrote: > So far they've just reused the same Susuwatari extras, Yep, noticed that as well. > which works fine for something like 3277 Well, except that not even all Susuwatari novelties fit well for 3277: Especially those Android/Amiga novelties definitely would not fit on an IBM 3277 terminal. :-D — But I just noticed that they're actually also not included in MT3 3277 sets. Good. :-) But then again the Windows key is included. And that one definitely neither fits well on an IBM 3277 terminal. ;-) > but Cyber could have used some, well, more cyber-y keys. Oh, yeah, I fully agree here. That's really a pity. (Bought it nevertheless. :-) I really wished for a yellow Enter key with the text "CYBER" instead. Best in some OCR font. (Greetings to at that point! ;-) But maybe that meme didn't get to whereever @MiTo is living as it is probably quite specific to the German-speaking area and the orbit of the Chaos Computer Club…
Oct 9, 2021
I guess I was expecting Cyber to be more like a MT3 version of Laser, with 80s cyberpunk novelties. I think the novelty re-use is more egregious with Fairlane, where there's nothing car-related at all, just recolors of the 8-bit heart and alien, Amiga, and Windows keys.
Oct 9, 2021
This is so nerdy it’s crossed over into super cool! 😍
Someone should send a keyboard kitted out with this set to Stephen Colbert.