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Fishing Community

Hey Massdrop, ever think about a fishing community? You Can integrate boating accessories like Kayak or fishing boat specific fishing gear and the like. What do u think?
Keso, William Zelevansky, and 23 others

Yes! Yes! Yes!
Yes to a fishing community. That would be awsome
I dont know if firearms accessories are against massdrop policies (I hope not) but i think that would be an amazing community that there could be so much done with, seeing as MOST but not all advid hikers, fisherman, and campers, which honestly make up quite a bit of massdrop, are normally into.
Cmon guys, get after it. I mean seriously, you got a flashlight community (Im subscribed.) I’m sure we can get a fishing rod and reel community together. ide be willing to help if needed. 🤪😉
How about making it a tad broader: Fishing + Hunting + Firearms Accessories ? I think this would be very cool. I imagine a great many Massdrop Users would dig it. IMHO! : )
Weve discussed a fishing community many times, it's on the shortlist for sure.