OPEN LETTER TO MASS DROP - Massdrop Airist R2R Sucessor

To Massdrop Massdrop you have A wonderful line of massdrop headphones, amps and other exclusive audiophile products. Unfortunately you have very slim line of dac options. The grace and the o2/grace dac are wonderful dacs but very featureless and are delta sigma variant. Regardless of the drama with the Massdrop Airist R2R dac it was wonderful performing R2R dac that is sadly missing from the Massdrop line up. I suggest a revision, sequel or successor to the Airist R2R. If the company Airist is no longer viable to work with brands like Soekris and their R2R dac the 1321 would be great blueprint to Massdrop R2R dac another would be a budget friendly verision of Denafrips ARES II R2R Dac. Thanks for your time and great massdrop products you have produced.

Oct 11, 2021
Anyone have any entry and budget friendly R2R dacs that could be possible used in collaboration with Massdrop be sure to post them thanks.