Aug 30, 2018323 views

Best portable Amp/Dac under $200

I'm new in to the audiophile community and i just bought a pair of hifiman HE4XX, I need a portable amp/dac that is not more than $200. I'm mainly gonna use them with my iphone and gaming. The thing is that i don't know anything about dac/amps and I don't have any idea of witch one to get.

Oh, I just registered here to offer my Power DAC idea. USB input 16..24/44..192 and open-loop(no feedback) digital PWM amp output. You can see details PS: I've no idea what kinda massdrop is, and apologize if I doing smth wrong here ;)
The ifi iDSD Nano Black Label. Clocks in right at $200 and through the direct output powers my HE4XX pretty well. Unless you listen at ear-piercing levels, you should still have some headroom on the volume knob (I do, at least).