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Someone explain Massdrop to me; also QT2 hype.

I'm not sure I understand how this site works. Why do I have to wait a month for my item to ship? Anyway, to keep it relevant, I just ordered QT2 earbuds and I'm pretty hyped. I own many cans but this will be my first venture into higher spec IEMs.

Massdrop works off of groupbuys. Drops for items run for longer durations so a lot of people join. Massdrop places a large bulk order with a vender. Long ship times because transportation between the vendor and Massdrops's warehouse
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This actually made perfect sense. Thanks bud
Actually, does this mean that there's a chance that I might not get the item I ordered; because not enough people joined the drop?
I actually don't know. I've been on massdrop for a decent bit of time and never think about this issue. Some massdrop colabs have a MOQ (minimum order quantity), meaning it's all or nothing. If the minimum quantity is not met, you don't get charged, the product doesn't get made. Standard drops like the CRKT knife, have multiple price points that get unlocked when more people join. What I think happens, if the lowest price point isn't reached. You get charged and you still get the item.