Newbie question can a GSX1000 Run this well enough?


Oct 14, 2021
TLDR: Kinda but not really. You might be satisfied but everyone's perception of loudness is different. Personally I think it'd be enough for me but I'd want more headroom just to be sure your well out of the distortion range. Not too familiar with products. Perhaps someone with similar gear can give their opinion. Here's my thoughts though:
  • If this is true, Headphone amplifier: 1 V RMS @ 32 Ω
most audiophiles would say that isn't enough for these headphones. -> math works out to be about 31mW into 32ohms (32 ohms is roughly the ohms of the headphone). An amp with 310mW into 32 ohms would be a safer bet (any half decent dedicated headphone amp should be able to do that -> usb powered amps like yours often much weaker) and true audiophiles would argue you need 3000mW minimum - best just make it 30,000 mW to be safe... Technically (assuming sensitivity listed on DROP is actually efficiency) 1mW from the amp is enough to drive this headphones to 93dB SPL -> at 85dB SPL hearing loss can be expected if listening for 8 hours or more. So amp would be technically powerfully enough to cause hearing damage and you still have 30 more mW of power. However, in the audio world 30mW isn't much headroom to keep you out of distortion territory. What it comes down to is some ppl think typical portable audio players can power these just fine. Others think that's ludacris. Your amp's power output is about as good as most portables that at least try to make a good product. Sorry I can't help ya with a clearer answer but that's just how these things are. I think you might be plenty happy but many ppl will probably argue you won't be.