Just To Be Clear, This Site's Ordering/Shipping Process Is A Joke

October 6 - Create my account, receive a $10 coupon, and place my order with coupon applied. October 8 - Haven't received any kind of email, so I login to the site and check my order. It's showing as "Cancelled". Why? I email support. October 9 - Receive an email stating my order was cancelled as an automated fraud protection measure and that I need to email Drop support a copy of my I.D. Have to do a Google/Reddit search for others who have been asked to do this by Drop just to make sure I'm not getting scammed. I send in my photo I.D. October 13 - Haven't heard anything at all. Order still in Cancelled status. Reply to the last email I got asking for my photo I.D. asking if I need to take my business elsewhere. October 14 - Get an email back from someone different at Drop stating my photo I.D. has been processed and all NEW orders are good to go. So that's pretty vague. Can they not just push through my previous order that began this whole process? Do I need to submit a new order that won't have the $10 coupon applied and then have to worry about the old order eventually being processed and shipped to me? Meanwhile, the order I placed with Amazon on the same day for another component to go with what I ordered from Drop, while delayed, is currently on its way to me, and I'm left basically having to restart this process without knowing what the ETA is for Drop shipments once they've actually been processed. I'm considering just ordering a different pair of headphones from somewhere else and eating the price difference. If I do end up ordering from Drop, it will be the last time. And I'll be steering everyone I know away from this site. The fact that I saw a TON of negative reviews about Drop's ordering/shipping process should have been ample warning, but lesson learned, I guess.

Oct 16, 2021
That's pretty much the way its been since they changed the name, owner and management. There were no problems until then, it seems. I was never asked for my ID though, what a ridiculous requirement in order to give them your money. I'd be insulted. No wonder Drop is getting a bad name. Look at the new logo: they literally cut a corner. We took that as a promise.
Oct 23, 2021
This could not have been said better! Kudos