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Headphone for Gaming and Music

What is the best headphone with good bass extension and good sub-bas with a decent soundstage ?
My budget is 350 CAD

I went with HD 58X and I didn't like them at first but I remove the foam below the grills and added felt circle over the drivers and it improved the sound alot. widen the sound stage slightly along with making mid more clearer/less veiled. Im using it with SoundBlaster Z and will be investing in a good amp/dac soon, but the simple and cheap felt mod improved them alot for my ears. I can't wait for proper amp/dac.
For casual gaming I would go either fidelio x2 open back nice sound stage and a slight bass boost not much sub bass, or maybe a closed set if sound leak is an issue something like the dt770 would be good great extension and cheap as.
I can see the viewpoint of Havoctzu as the best headphones used for gaming should have a large sound stage, which helps to hear ambient sounds in games (i.e foot steps). From what I've read and seen, open back headphones seem to be the best choice although it would affect the bass (not as much thumps). I think the best bang for your buck would be the Sennheiser HD 598 open back headphones. I own a pair myself and it's great for music and gaming. There are plenty reviews on youtube that mention the benefits of owning these headphones. The cost is 169.98 us dollars, which converts to 221.99 cad dollars. Link:
Zeos is a well known headphone guy and talks about a variety of headphones to use for gaming ranging from cost effective to pricey. Link:
Hopefully that helps you a bit.
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I posted on other forums (Head-fi especially) and someone compared the HD598 and the HD58X, He convinced me so I joined the drop
Otherwise thank you for your help guys !
The GSP 600 with the GSX 1000 is my best alternative solution. Notice: the GSP 600 sounds shitty when using my other dacs.
That’s a tough price range. I’ve experimented with about 15 pairs of headphones. i am a semi-pro to pro-level gamer. You may want to try to find a used HD 700 or wait for to drop again.
my real Recommendation is save up money for either HD 800 or HD 800S or HD 820 and dont try to experiment with other headphones. Just go for the best and skip the rest. Neither the 800 or 800s have great bass, but they provide a huge advantage when it comes to imaging and soundstage. The HD 820 has nice bass but it is expensive.
I'm pretty sure I can find headphones that are good for both music and gaming without spending f*****g 2000$ CAD (And thus without AMP/DAC for it)
Ok 👍🏼