Sep 2, 2018150 views

Was any chance that massdrop start sending do Brazil?

Sincerely, every month I cannot join on drop that I really want ‘cause massdrop doesn’t send to Brazil. And I don’t really trust on parcel forwarding.

You'll have to use a third party service, like shipito. I did and costs me more 50 dollars using USPS priority mail with insurance.
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Who declared the 59.90 usd for you? Massdrop or shipito? They charge a extra for it? Because, I want a hd58x but 60% of 200usd its a fucking nightmare.
I did. You have to fill the customs form to send something internationally, witch is basic the value and the product descripton, so I put headphone - 59,90.
60% of the real value is insane.