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Love the HD 6XX, what next?

What should I try next if I love the HD 6XX? Any company will do, around the 200$ price range. Thanks!

I don't own the HD 660S only the HD 58X. I removed the foam under grills and added 1mm felt circles over the drivers. Made them more pleasant sounding for my ears. Completely reversible and easy mod to do.
Something closed back with good bass. I think that would be a good compliment and round out what the 6XX is bad at. At $200, I would recommend the Meze 99 Neo. If you can spend more, the Audioquest NIghtowl and/or Fostex Ebony are great alternatives as well.
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Having good bass is not the same as being bass heavy. My Focal's have some.of the best bass extension and texture of pretty much any headphone I have heard. It lacks impact compared to the closed backs I mentioned but it's bass quality is out of this world. Same with the NightOwl and Fostex Ebonies (the most neutral and least v shaped) who render bass and mids very well.
Again, just a compliment to the bass shy 6XX that really excels at mids and highs (rock, acoustic, etc.). What I listed are a bit out of your price range but the Meze 99 Neo has very good bass texture and resolution for it's price range. Compared to your m50x, everything I listed is a big step up and a much better compliment to your Senns.
Alright I will keep those in mind. Thank you very much! I already grabbed the HI-4XX on here but I will def keep your advice in mind for the next purchase.
You would be better off getting the jotunheim with multibit and getting everything out of the 6XX then spending money here and there on inferior headphones. But if u want similar 6XX magic I would check out Philips Fidelio X2's.
Before I go buying more DAC/AMPs I want to learn more about audio engineering. So I can understand what I am buying more.
HD58x for the times when you're not bothered to stack :P
I got the HIFIMAN HE-4XX. I lilke my HD 6XX more but these are good and would suggest them if you are interested in trying them. HE-4XX just doesn't seem as present or crisp in the mid and high ranges. Not the greatest ear but that's what I think I am hearing.
The Senn 600’s (580&X) can scale well with better fodder. What are you feeding them in regards to source (files), DAC and amp? Investing in that side may bring a larger return, depending on your current rig.
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Didn't pickup a pair of these and from what I've gleamed in the reviews/updated graphs I don't think you're going to get a good idea of how the 600/650 compare from this can. Don't like making assertions I can't back up with objective specs or personal experience.
The impedance curves on the new drivers are very similar to the old ones, so I suppose it could definitely scale similarly.
I might be in the market for the HD 58X at some point too, just not before I move in a couple months (massdrop shipping times...). From what I hear they actually have better high end performance than the 660S which is why I've been less interested in those. If not, what you're saying about removing the foam/felt has definitely captured my interest as well, so I'll still have some fun with them.