Sep 3, 201867 views

Not clinical, but good enough

I took this test to assess how good or bad my hearing was. I was able to hear from 20Hz-16.5-ish Khz. It was a bit spooky how the high-pitched whine suddenly disappeared.

Made it to the very end, but I had to crank the volume to max.
These tests make me realize how much of a noise pollution mess my office is. I wonder what I could hear without all the traffic and HVAC white noise and co-worker chatter.
I'm in my mid-30's and can hear from 25 hz to 18k hz. For someone that normally listen around 80-85 dB, I am somewhat surprised my hearing isn't much much worse.
Yeah, I'm my late 30s and was expecting to tap out at around 14-15khz. Was pleasantly suprised to hear to mid 16Ks. For the sake of thoroughness I checked with the link Rhamnetin shared ( and was able to listen down to 10hz, and up to about the same mid 16ks which confirms my upper limit.
Cans tested with: NightOwl
Fantastic little test. Thanks! Great site overall. I have donated a few bucks to keep the lights on.