Sep 4, 201860 views

Good pair of desk top speakers?

Looking for a good pair of desk top speakers to listen to. They don't necessarily have to have to monitors. Just looking for someone that is an upgrade from my klipsch r15pm. Looking in the $500-$1000 price range.

Active or passive? Do you already have a dedicated DAC? And if you're looking into passive speakers, do you already have an amplifier setup?
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I see. Considering that, I would heavily consider Adam Audio, the best ones you can afford and fit (so A3X vs A5X if you want to go all out).
A passive alternative to the A3X would be the Ascend Acoustics CBM-170SE which I use as my front channel speakers. Very nice, neutral sounding speakers. The Audioengine N22 is a nice little Class A/B amp for it, but I would rather get the Amp Camp Amp kit which is very easy to build and just can't be beat for the price (~$300 class A monoblock amp designed by Nelson Pass who makes hands down the best speaker amps). You may be able to eventually replace the switching power supplies for a linear one that may improve the sound like a Sigma22.