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Best camera for beginners in photography

What’s the best camera I can buy for photography? I am a beginner in photography

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If you do not see the difference, then you can get by with the Nikon D5500 or Canon 750D-760D for a start. You can go another step below: D3300 or 100D. More tips are also here
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Welcome to the world of photography!
For a starting camera, I suggest the following attributes: (i) affordable, (ii) has aperture and shutter speed controls, and (iii) allows precise framing. Ideally, it should also: (a) be full-frame, and (b) take interchangeable lenses.
If it is within your budget, a second-hand Canon or Nikon full-frame SLR from a generation or two back, paired with a 50mm prime lens, would suit your needs quite well. Avoid zoom lenses for now, they can hinder your learning.
Once you have a camera and lens, I strongly suggest that you resist the urge to get more gear. Instead, invest in a good photography guidebook, read it, and experiment with the various principles, techniques and styles you'll learn about. This will make you a better photographer than any amount of gear.
I highly recommend this text:
Have fun!
There are two areas to learn 1) composition 2) the mechanics For #1 you can use pretty much anything , with a couple of caveats For #2, you want a camera that allows changing aperture and shutter speed. And here's a caveat: until you master the mechanics of aperture/speed, you won't have a few compositional 'tools' at your disposal (depth of field and blur). Given that you're a beginner, I won't suggest any particular system as you probably won't stay with that one. But when you get to picking your next system, you'll know a bit about the kind of photography you like to do. Let that guide you. I'd also suggest you buy second hand. Once you've resold it, this will minimize the cost of having owned your first system.