Sep 4, 201857 views

Electrostatic Setups in Humid Locales?

Most (all?) of the electrostatic cans-amp setups I researched had warnings about high humidity environments. I'm wondering how do folks in the Southeast where atmospheric humidity is routinely hovering 70-90% deal with this limitation of electrostatic systems? Just don't use it often? Listen to it in a freezer :) ?

I’m from Florida, it’s 90%... outside. The AC removes a lot of moisture from the air, enough to safely keep an acoustic guitar collection. So, don’t go jogging with your Stax?
Well drats there go my plans :( If I can't go out jogging with my ES stack why even bother?
Yep we have A/Cs and dehumidifiers in Singapore!
Not sure how the Southeast does it, but here in the subtropical coast of Texas, our homes run A/C 24/7 except for the couple months of winter and beginning of spring....
Have no issues using my STAX at any time.