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My office setup.

Klipsch RF7 iii’s
Klipsch R115 SW
Crown DCi 4|600n

ltopper, Deathbed, and 3 others

have 4 ref.8's. along wwith my legion speakers fills the house. legion is my company. hope to make a difference
Utsukushii! Are the floorstanders sensitive to near-wall placement?
I thought they might be, because my last 2 sets of Monitor Audio Silver 6s and Silver 300s both came with foam inserts if they're place near a wall... but they are not. I did have to reverse the phase on the sub and shift the time alignment just a hair but they scream. I put them out in the warehouse (10k sq ft) and they sound larger than life. I'm excited to get them into my listening room in my new house.
Do you feel the those speakers need a sub, or would they sound pretty good on their own, base-wise? I ask, because I'm considering a pair without one...
The speakers sound amazing without the subwoofer. I have them bi-wired and am feeding 600 watts per channel. I have an 8" klipsch sub with my desktop speakers that hits so hard, imagine 4x10" on these 2 towers. I have these cut on the low end using a Bessel curve at about 92 hz. The sub is crossed over also on a Bessel curve at 90 hz with about a 8-9db slope. The end result is incredibly full sound with just the towers, but any music that is actually producing sub frequencies in the 34-88hz range have that extra "umph" and low end presence.
They're totally overkill for my office, the 2 bookshelf RP15M with the 8" sub are more than enough. We're buying a new house in which my wife and I are taking the bonus room as our "play room" (library, listening room) since the kids have monopolized any extra space for legos and toys for the last 12 years. My plan is to move these towers, the sub and an additional 15" sub I purchased on closeout. I'll have 2.2 stereo, and the 2nd sub will sit closer to our chairs with the phase flipped just to add more low presence at lower volume.
Sounds like a party! They're definitely on my short list ;- )