Sep 5, 2018

MIDI Keyboards/Controllers an option?

Does Massdrop ever delve into MIDI keyboards/controllers or any other items of the like? I imagine there could be a decent niche for that sort of thing.
illuminatusrex, Fluffy.Benis, and 1 other

I am a fan of the korg nanokey 2 if you want something keyboard-like and are tight on space. It doesn't come close to a weighted-key feel, it feels kind of like a softish computer keyboard but can respond to variable velocity. The cheapo no-name ones have a tendency to break at random, as I've discover the hard way. it'd be pretty cool to see that sort of stuff here, but this doesn't seem like a digital musician-heavy community.
I’ve never seen it on here. Basic midi controllers are a dime a dozen though. Just pick one up that isn’t also a synth, used on eBay there are tons of options for <$100.