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EDC body for Pentel EnerGel Needle Tip?

Greetings Writing Community!
I finally found a cartridge that I really enjoy but the pen body leaves much to be desired. To that end, does anyone know of strong, light-weight bodies to fit the Pentel EnerGel Needle Tip cartridge? I'd prefer a retractable pen that won't engage in my pocket.

You could hunt on eBay for Rotring rollerballs. The Rotring Freeway, for instance, can be found for a song right now. And it's ridiculously good.
Rotring and many others take these Euro/Schneider/Schmidt style refills. Here's one retractable option: the Faber-Castell eMotion ballpoint will take this type of refill. I actually use OHTO needlepoint refills in mine and it works like a charm.
There are so many options, the problem is not the refill they take, rather it's choosing the body style you like.
How much different is the tip from say the G2 refill or similar?
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Thanks for the ideas and thanks for putting me onto the path of finding out it's basically the same size as the Pilot G2. I'll check out the links and, even if they aren't what I'm looking for, I'm sure I'll find something knowing that the Pentel refill will fit in anything that fits a Pilot G2. Thanks!
NO problem at all and glad to help.